Take time to play

Solve problems with play

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Playtime at work – the phrase itself can come off as being an oxymoron.  Why in the world should anyone be allowed to take time out of their day to play?  Shouldn’t they be working on more serious tasks, focusing on finishing deliverables, meeting deadlines, or handling “the next big thing?”  Turns out, that playtime may be just the antidote to all that head down, uber focused, churn it out angst – and it can help people solve problems (and be more productive!) too.


Studies show that playing games helps employees:

  • Increase motivation
  • Improve memory
  • Be more productive (not just busy!)
  • Enhance empathy


One of my deepest beliefs (not always shared by others who take things far too seriously) is that most decisions- especially the big hairy ones that seem important but really aren’t – could be solved with a great big game of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock which originated from the show The Big Bang Theory.  So in honor of geology, cooked pressed wood pulp, metal cutting instruments, amphibians, and our very favorite Vulcan, look around and figure out how you can solve a problem today using play.  The results may surprise you.