Be grateful for the lessons

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There have been times in my life (OK let’s be honest – years) where I just didn’t “get it.”  I knew I was supposed to be learning something, listening to that little voice inside saying something wasn’t quite right, something needed to change, but I couldn’t see how to make it happen.  I couldn’t bring all the pieces together to figure it out.  And sadly what I felt most of the time was anger: anger at others, anger at myself, anger at my situation.  Not only had I not learned the lesson I was supposed to in regards to where I was and what I was doing, I hadn’t learned the larger lesson:


In order to learn, I needed to stop “thinking” and start “listening”


So now when something keeps popping up, causing me angst and frustration, I try to stop and “listen in” to figure out the following:

  • What am I supposed to learn?
  • Where am I resisting change?
  • What is really making me feel angsty / cranky / irritated?
  • How is what’s happening now similar to what’s happened in the past?


What is the true lesson and what do I need to explore further within myself, even if it’s something I want to avoid or deny?  Ultimately, what do I need to be experiencing and how can I be grateful for the situation, even when it’s a painful giant stinkbomb?


Being grateful for life lessons can be hard – tremendously hard.  Situations and circumstances can feel unfair, tragic, oppressive, and never ending.  It’s during these times that you will grow the most by listening in and trying to find even the smallest space for gratitude.  So the next time you find yourself mired in a funk, remember to start listening instead of thinking and see what reveals itself and what it’s really trying to tell you.