Take time to appreciate the spaces between

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Sometimes in our hurry scurry world we don’t take time to recognize what I call the “spaces between.”  They’re the short pauses – brief moments of transition – that go unnoticed every day.  I think of these spaces most in fall when I sit on the couch and notice the beautiful golden light as it gains strength in the early morning and cuts patterns on the wall opposite the sofa.


Fall is the space between for me; it’s a time to recover from the overbearing heat of summer, a time to fill my lungs with crisp air and listen to the leaves as they skitter across trails and along sidewalks.  I look forward to burrowing under a warm blanket at night and watching as the lazy sun slung far to the south rises in the morning turning the sky orange and then fading to gentle yellow.  Fall is when I begin to take stock of my year: what did I accomplish, what were my high and low points, what am I grateful for, what lesson do I want to take with me into the following year, what outdated thoughts and habits do I need to discard?


Fall reminds me that though they may be small and often forgotten as we rush from activity to activity, the “spaces between” are just as important (sometimes more important) than the activities themselves.  So take time to start appreciating your own “spaces between,” those illuminated slices of the ordinary now made extraordinary because you simply took the time to notice them.