How to amp up the fun factor in your workspace

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Andy Warhol was a pop artist who rose to fame in the 1960’s. He’s most famous for painting Campbell’s soup cans, creating a Brillo soap box, and making some rather interesting, if not outrageously long, movies. What I always found most fun about him was the fact that he had his friend, Billy Name, drape the walls of his studio (better known as The Factory) with aluminum foil and then spray paint everything with Krylon silver. While Andy saw the foil and paint as an actual art installation, I see it as a way to change what could have been some really boring cement block warehouse walls into something much more inspiring and more importantly, fun!

This is not an arts and crafts post, nor am I encouraging you to break out the foil or spray paint (unless you want to, then please do, and send pictures because I want to see what you create!) but it is important to notice how your environment impacts how you feel about where you live and work. Whether you work at home, in an office, or even out of your car, small changes to your environment can add up to big gains in how you perceive where you are and what you’re doing. Take a moment today to think about how you can improve your surroundings and focus on fun by asking yourself the following:

• Where do you find inspiration and how can you add more of that to your environment?
• How can you personalize your workspace by adding fun / quirky / unconventional touches? Think about how personalizing your space can help you stay focused, inspired, calm, and persistent.
• Notice how your workspace impacts how you feel. How can you add touches that create positivity and allow you to express your true self?
• How can you use the concept of play and fun to solve problems at work and at home in unusual ways?

PS. While I wasn’t willing to commit to spray paint, I thought my foil wall turned out pretty well. And while I’m certainly no Andy when it comes to art, that wall never fails to inspire me and it makes me smile every time I go in that room.