How to Chart a New Course for Change

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If you’ve ever wanted to try something new and felt overwhelmed or confused on how to get started, you’re not alone.  Change can be scary!  It can feel risky and uncertain.  And there are all those pesky expectations (some of which you may not even be aware of).


But what if change didn’t have to be so tough?  What if you viewed change as an exciting voyage?  Would it help if you spent time planning and bringing on supplies?  Would you feel better if you could launch your ship with confidence knowing that you might encounter rough water, but there would be someone there to help you?


Voyagers need guideposts and a compass (hopefully not Captain Jack Sparrow’s compass, unless you’re up for that kind of adventure!) to keep their bearings on a journey.  They need time and preparation to handle resistance they face along the way.  They need a manifesto to keep their ultimate goal in mind when seas get rough and the fog rolls in.


This is why I offer a FREE self-study course on change called Sailing Toward True North.  Change is possible, and it can be fun!  You owe it to yourself to not let fear hold you back; you can tackle change just like sailors tackled high seas and bring your ship safely in to a new port.


I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning to sail my ship.

-Louisa May Alcott

Whether you need to simply make a small change and sail around the bay, or made a radical shift and set out for new and distant lands, taking the voyage of change will get you there.  This course:

  • Has ten lessons to complete at your own pace
  • Includes a one-page lesson each day
  • Includes Word of the Day questions to reflect on
  • Allows you to choose your destination by picking a change to focus on
  • Asks you to write a fun Manifesto to commit to your change
  • Addresses how to handle resistance by helping you effectively communicate your change to others
  • Comes in a downloadable, reusable PDF file


To access this course, click on the link below and sign up for the Wisdom Tree.  Once you receive the password, login and you’ll be taken to the main page where you’ll find Sailing Toward True North under Mini Courses.  Enjoy and Bon Voyage!

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