Build and Sustain Momentum


Momentum is whatever your attitude determines it to be.

-Lou Holtz


Have you ever been cruising along, rocking out whatever plan you have for yourself and then BAM! You hit the wall. Or maybe the BAM is more of a thunk, chug, cough, cough and your best-laid plans and intentions end up sputtering along until you finally run out of gas?

Life. It happens. Plans get derailed. Intentions get waylaid by other more pressing priorities. Momentum can be unruly and unpredictable; one moment things come together effortlessly and the next you’re wondering how life got so off track.

The ability to build and sustain momentum is crucial for any project but it’s especially important with whole-person wellness (because as far as I know, we only go around once, at least that we remember).

If you’ve started a wellness program and are struggling, or you’ve reached a plateau and need tools and tips on how to get out of a rut, I hear you, and I understand. I’ve been there.

I can help you:

  • Understand what got you to where you are and how those superpowers can help you LEVEL UP.
  • Identify mental blocks, fears, and assumptions that are standing in the way of your next level of GROWTH and EMPOWERMENT.
  • Confirm that your end goal is truly IN ALIGNMENT with your values and your identity.
  • Take small steps to SUCCESS – no leaping tall buildings in a single bound required.


You’ll never change your life until you change you do daily.

The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

-John C. Maxwell


You’ve come so far! Celebrate that and don’t get stalled by an occasional breakdown. If you’re ready to get back on the road to success and fulfillment, I’d love to help you build and sustain momentum for the journey ahead.


  • 60-minute live coaching call via Zoom
  • Review change readiness and key components of change
  • Review victories and challenges
  • Review and further incorporate the Wellness Inventory change process to help you address challenges
  • Visualize and verbalize your next area of success and why it’s important
  • Leave the call with one to three custom-designed goals (including timelines and action steps) so you can reach your next level of success starting TODAY.


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