When are the next e-courses being offered?

You’ll find information on e-course registration dates and duration of the courses over here.


I’m not a “creative person”.  Will I still benefit from the courses?

Absolutely!  All courses are billed as “creativity encouraged but not required.”  All you’ll need is a willingness to do some honest self-reflection and a way to capture your thoughts – be that a writing utensil and dedicated notebook, or a file on your electronic device.  For those of you interested in doing the art and / or photography options along with the jotting and scribbling, just gather up art supplies that will allow you to create art in permanent way (nothing like sand or something that’s going to disintegrate) and grab either a phone that can take pictures or a camera of some sort – just do what works for you.


What if I’m not a writer, what will the writing portion of the lessons entail?

By writing, I simply mean a way of capturing your thoughts / feelings / ideas.  If this means you make lists or write in full sentences, it’s up to you.  There will be some lessons where I ask you to write a few statements that turn themselves into a paragraph eventually but in general, writing just means capturing – however that feels comfortable to you.


Course fees are in US dollars – can I pay with a different currency?

You sure can!  You may make payment with either a credit card or PayPal – both options will automatically convert currency when you check out.  Please check out the currency converter here.


Can I interview Brooke for my site?

As I am in the start-up phase as a one woman show my days are quite full but check back here from time to time.


Can I use one of your photos on my site?

As long as you’re not using it for commercial purposes and you give me credit.  Please see the Policies page for complete details – thanks!


Can I advertise with Roots of Abundance or sponsor a post?

I don’t run ads or sponsor posts at this time.


Can I do a guest post?

I don’t do guests posts on the blog.


What kind of camera do you use?

Currently I use a Canon Rebel T3i.  It gets the job done quite well for digital and I’m still enjoying learning about all its capabilities.


What do you use to edit photos?

I use the editing software that came with my camera (I know – so simple) for cropping and sizing.

I use Picmonkey for collages and special effects.

I use Canva for Facebook headers.