Jumpstart to Wellness Blueprint


Wellness is a connection of paths: knowledge and action.

-Joshua Welch


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’ve tried to eat better, exercise more, find time for self-care, etc. but can’t make the changes that you want stick
  • You’ve tried to squeeze time into your schedule for self-care or wellness but haven’t been successful
  • You’re excited to learn about whole-person wellness and are curious about how you can start and maintain a program you’ll love and want to stick with


Knowledge + Action: What does whole-person wellness mean to you?


If you’ve tried to start a new wellness routine in the past, you may have noticed that it only addressed eating and exercise and left out key pieces of whole-person wellness such as meaning, feelings, work+play, communicating and sensing.

You also may have noticed that just because you started with good intentions, you weren’t able to stick with your program which left you frustrated and discouraged.

I’m here to help you solve those problems by:

  • Tailoring a wellness program that addresses YOUR individual concerns
  • Helping you understand why you REALLY want to design a wellness program so you can stay motivated and make consistent progress
  • Helping you take small steps to SUCCESS – no leaping tall buildings in a single bound required
  • Giving you the tools you need to be the CHANGE CHAMPION of your life and wellness journey


Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.


You have the power to change what you do, how you feel, and love the journey along the way.

  • You CAN understand what’s derailing your progress and learn how to get yourself on track without blame, shame, or guilt.
  • You CAN be the person who makes new habits stick all while being kind and compassionate to yourself.
  • You CAN design a wellness program that you love and that works for you.


Connecting knowledge + action is the way to success so if you’re ready, I’d love to help you jumpstart into a new wellness program customized just for you.


  • 45-minute live coaching call via Zoom
  • Assess your change readiness through innovative questions
  • Learn the 3 key components that can help supercharge your ability to change
  • Brief introduction to the Wellness Inventory and how it can help you change in ways that are powerful yet non-scary
  • Visualize and verbalize your perfect wellness program and choose a starting point
  • Leave the call with one to three custom-designed wellness goals (including timelines and action steps) so you can start your wellness journey TODAY.


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