How to Prepare for Your Tarot Reading

New to tarot?  No worries.  The following are two steps you can take to come prepared for your reading so that you come away with more awareness, greater understanding, and a plan of action you can use going forward.

  1.  Tarot helps you gain clarity and insight and works best with situations and issues.

This means that tarot doesn’t really work for Yes / No questions.  When you come to your reading, think about what issue or situation you’d like to better understand or a place in your life where you’re stuck and needing guidance.  Also, think about what you’d like to know about your issue or situation and how you can word that in a way that is not a Yes/ No question.  You can phrase your question in one of several ways:

What wisdom and guidance do I need to know about x situation?

What messages does the Universe have for me about x issue?

How can I heal x situation or relationship?

What is the best way forward as I work through x situation?


  2.  An open mind and willingness to hear without judgment are your friends.

Your reading will be hosted in a serene and welcoming space meant to help you relax and be present.  Along with being present, try as much as possible to view your reading as an opportunity to hear what the Universe has to say, and to not judge the message.  The cards that are pulled for you are meant for you, and they have information specifically meant to help you learn, grow, and heal.  You will gain the most from your reading by dropping preconceived notions and tuning in to the message at hand.

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