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How to Manage Overwhelm and Do What Matters Most

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Do you ever feel as though you’ve dug yourself a hole and you can’t get out?

Are you buried under endless to-do lists, work and family commitments, and never feel like you have any time for yourself?

If these situations sound familiar, you’re living in a state of overwhelm. And it’s time to dig yourself out once and for all.

How to Manage Overwhelm and do What Matters Most is a way out of the discouraging energy depleted state you may find yourself in way too often. Through thoughtful bite sized lessons you will:

• Learn what overwhelm is and how it uniquely impacts you
• Recognize and learn to change your own “rules” around overwhelm
• Develop a filter for overwhelm through determining What Matters Most
• Take action to manage overwhelm by gradually moving out of it and toward a better state of living

About the Course

How to Manage Overwhelm and do What Matters Most is a process you can use to figure out what overwhelm feels like just for you – and how it’s impacting your personal and / or professional life. It gets to the heart of why you’re struggling and gradually guides you toward resolution.

I sometimes ask you to dig deep to uncover the true sources of you pain and at other times you’ll do more lighthearted work such as discovering how you are most rewarded so you can work toward living in ways that leave you feeling satisfied, content, and confident. You’ll also take action (large or small – your choice) toward moving out of overwhelm through working on new ways of thinking and acting that are aligned with what you value most.

The course is designed in a way that allows you to take your time, practice what you learn, and go at your own pace. It is meant to encourage and empower you to make more life affirming choices and celebrate your successes and aha moments along the way.

What You Will Do During the Course

• Learn what overwhelm means to you
• Choose a Focus Issue to concentrate on for the duration of the course
• Understand how rules, expectations, and self – limiting thoughts are sabotaging you
• Figure out What Matters Most to you in life and / or in work so you can use that as a filter to make progress
• Understand how the concepts of permission and fear are holding you back
• Bust through the 5 Myths of Modern Life to find focus and regain your time and energy
• Exert your internal and external influence to help you make more life affirming choices

What You Receive

How to Manage Overwhelm and do What Matters Most is a self-study e-course. It consists of:
1. A straightforward and uplifting PDF that contains all course lessons so you can use the entire course or parts of it as often as you wish. Once you pay the course will be delivered to you.
2. All six course sections which build on one another and address the process of working through and out of overwhelm to a more manageable and satisfied way of living.
a. Section I – Overwhelm
b. Section II – Expectations
c. Section III – What Matters Most
d. Section IV – Permission and Fear
e. Section V – The 5 Myths of Modern Life
f. Section VI – Choosing Influence
3. Lessons include:
a. Encouraging messages around each topic
b. Hints and tips to help keep you focused
c. Take Action questions so you can immediately start managing your overwhelm and recognize small (and large) victories

Common Questions

I’m overwhelmed already! Why would I want to take on one more thing in the form of this course?

Great question! I designed this course because I’ve been in that deep hole of overwhelm and I know that if given a chance, I would have wanted something like this to help me dig my way out, a little at a time, at my own pace. This course is lesson based which means there is no pressure or need to do something on a specific day. There is no way to fall behind because there is no “falling behind.” This course is full of bite sized lessons and ways for you to take immediate action (again – that action can be large or small- your choice). It’s also a process so it can be used over and over as a way to help you shift how you live and / or work so that you feel better.

Is it hard?

Because this course is completely done at your own pace, you can choose how deep you want to dive into the material. You may face some uncomfortable truths along your journey but by acknowledging those and working with them, you can make progress. There is no pressure here. This course is intended as a way for you to not only learn about yourself but to also make positive decisions and changes over time.