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How to Bust the 5 Myths of Modern Life that Keep You Stuck in Overwhelm

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What if there were a way to pinpoint the five main myths that keep you whirling in the mud puddle of overwhelm?


I’ve developed a guide to help you identify the exact myths that keep you stuck in overwhelm…and I’ve developed myth-busting techniques to help you:

  • Take needed action on the right things at the right time with confidence.
  • Identify the exact culprits that cause you the most trouble when it comes to making progress AND feeling fulfilled by your decisions.
  • Create life-altering mindset shifts around your time and energy
  • Figure out your “deeper why.”  If you tend to stay overwhelmed, learning about how that rewards you can be powerful and insightful.
  • Break long-standing habits and develop new ones that take you from fried and frazzled to empowered and thriving.


If you’re ready to lift yourself out of overwhelm and start owning your time and energy like a boss, it’s time to bust some myths!


You will receive:

  • A 20-page downloadable e-guide
  • A full rundown of all 5 Myths and why they’ve creeped their way into our psyche
  • Numerous insightful and reflective questions to help you understand why you’re overwhelmed, how to break out of old habits, and how you can reclaim your power of choice in every moment.
  • 5 Mybusting Tips that dispel each myth all together on one handy dandy printable page (they’re wonderful to use as mantras!)
  • The life-changing invitation to change your mind, your actions, and hence your life so you can do what matters most to you.


Start mythbusting today to reclaim your power and regain a sense of influence and direction in your life.