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Progress Not Perfection

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Is it time to:

  • Make sense of all the ideas running around in your head?
  • Organize your thoughts and ideas in a way that will allow you to move forward and get something accomplished?
  • Learn how to bring better balance into your life by focusing on just three simple words?
  • Make a plan and take action toward enjoying all your interests?


If so, it’s time to embrace Progress Not Perfection!


So many of us find ourselves frustrated, discouraged, and convinced that we simply can’t Do All The Things.  And let’s be honest, we love all our things, yet we know we need to make choices around what we can do, be, and have in our lives.


But what if there were a repeatable FUN process to incorporate All The Things you love into your life and feel good (or even great!) about it.  What if this process also helped you grow personally, learn more about yourself, AND gave you a sense of accomplishment – all at the same time?


Progress Not Perfection includes:

  • A downloadable 10-page e-guide.
  • A FUN, easy, and insightful 4-step process to help you incorporate All The Things into your life in ways that leave you feeling as if you’re accomplishing something instead of spinning your wheels.
  • A get-things-done approach that adds joy to your life by focusing on how you feel vs. simply taking action and checking things off your to-do list.
  • The three secret words that can be applied to everything you love.  These words can help you learn more about yourself and your superpowers in the process!
  • A selection of Reflection questions to help you learn and grow each time you go through the process.


Whether you’re starting a new project or finishing up some UFO’s (unfinished objects),

Progress Not Perfection can help you do more of what you love and experience aha moments and insights along the way.