Life is change.  Growth is optional.  Choose wisely…

– Karen Kaiser Clark


I offer personalized 1:1 coaching to a limited number of clients

who are seeking to transform their thoughts, habits, and actions,

and start living their Most Abundant Lives.

Yes, I'm Interested in learning about 1:1 Coaching


A coaching partnership will be beneficial if you are:

• A self-motivated learner
• Urgently called to move toward your goals
• Committed to personal growth across multiple areas of your life
• Seeking clarity, calm, and connection with both yourself and others
• Ready to make significant changes that lead to big results
• Curious about how you can best manage all facets of your life in ways that leave you satisfied and fulfilled
• Ready to do the inner work that leads to outer results
• Willing to show up and commit to the coaching process
• Able to recognize the value of yourself and your dreams

During our coaching partnership, you can expect:

• To be held accountable
• To feel safe, understood, heard, accepted, and supported, and at times, challenged
• To combine inner work along with outer accountability actions
• To learn how to better manage various areas of your life to achieve the results you want
• To examine limiting beliefs and habits that may no longer serve you
• Consistent movement toward the goals and outcomes that matter most to you
• Me to respect and hold your vision as the highest good for you
• Me to be fully committed to serving and supporting you

As a result of our partnership you will:

• Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world
• Learn how to better manage your time and energy
• Learn how to confidently make decisions based on your values
• Build confidence in how you communicate with yourself and others
• Take action toward reaching your goals
• Uncover and rewrite the inner stories that are preventing you from living your Most Abundant Life
• Reconnect with your inner voice so you can live from a place of authenticity and power.


In addition to your customized coaching program, you will also benefit

from the following focus areas which I cover with all my clients.


Perspective and Priorities

How you see yourself, interact with others, and view your place in the world is determined by your perspective. Certain current perspectives may or may not be serving you and may actually be blocking your ability to move toward your goals and dreams. And, because your priorities are dependent on your perspective, you may find yourself struggling to make sense of what’s truly important and what can be set aside for later. Together, we’ll examine how you can discover and shift into new perspectives so you can confidently prioritize the things that are most important to you all while maintaining flexibility and a sense of progress.

Time and Energy Management

Personal Development author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said: “You can always get more money, you cannot get more time.” But life doesn’t feel that ways does it? Time is not renewable. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, and we each have the same number of hours in a day. Energy is renewable but variable. You know these things and yet sometimes it feels like time is running you; your time and energy are being drained by things that leave you dissatisfied, unfulfilled, and discouraged. Together, we’ll discover ways you can cut out distractions, clear away time wasters, and implement simple yet effective energy management practices that keep you focused, productive, and allow for much-needed downtime.

Values and Rewards

Do you have a few not so wonderful habits you’d like to break? Find yourself back in the same old thought spirals again and again? Try super hard to make certain changes in your life only to fall back into the same old routine? Understanding why you do what you do is critical to breaking away from old habits, patterns, and routines that may no longer be in your best interest. Together, we’ll learn how the combination of values, motivation, and rewards can conspire to keep you stuck or free you to make choices that align not only with your goals but with your sense of personal meaning and purpose.

Change Management and Communication

Change can be scary, frustrating, exciting, and empowering all at the same time. But you may not like change. Or even if you’re comfortable with change, you may not know where to start, and more importantly, how to talk to people around the changes you’re making without feeling guilty, uncomfortable, or unable to hold your ground. I will teach you a step by step process of how you can prepare yourself and others for conversations around change, understand how expectations can help or derail your change process, and how you can continue to move toward your goals even in the face of obstacles.


As a multifaceted person, you will also receive guidance in the following areas

to make sure your new thoughts and actions are in the highest

service of your mind, body, and spirit.







If you’d like to learn more about how you can start living

your Most Abundant Life today, I’d love to hear from you.

Yes, I'm Interested in learning about 1:1 Coaching