4 Ways Transcending Can Help You Improve Your Life

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Ever had one of those days when you were so involved in something that you lost all track of time?  Have you ever noticed synchronicities or frequent coincidences that seem to have no relationship to one another?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, you were transcending, and it’s something you can experience again with a little practice.

Transcending isn’t some woo woo skill that exists only for special people who have an inside connection to the Universe.  You, too, can develop this skill, and it can help you:

  • Tap into and trust your intuition
  • Recognize how your beliefs impact your experience
  • Experience yourself as part of the greater whole
  • Maintain faith in the process of change


Intuition and Synchronicity

One of the most powerful things you can do is to learn to tap into and use your intuition.  Even the most logical and rational among us can experience intuition if we allow ourselves to honor the nudgings and flashes of insight sent by the Universe without overthinking, becoming anxious, or justifying.  Because society values thinking over feeling, it can take some time to hear and then honor the messages coming to us, but they’re there if we allow ourselves to truly listen.

Synchronistic events also ask us to accept that there is a power higher than ourselves.  Examples of synchronicities are thinking about your friend and then having her text you, and humming a song and then turning on the radio only to have that song playing.  Synchronicity allows us to connect to an experience that is larger than ourselves, which is the basis of transcending.


Beliefs Color Experience

Most people can agree that our beliefs impact how we experience life.  For example, if you fear going to the dentist, you’ll probably have clammy hands as you lie in the chair.  However, suppose you never had any negative experiences with the dentist and always enjoyed the lollipop you were given on the way out the door as a child.  In that case, you probably won’t mind scheduling your regular checkup each year.

If we can shift our perspective and our thoughts, our reality can then change – oftentimes for the better.  Unacknowledged anger, unexpressed fear, and unresolved stress are three of the biggest factors causing dis-ease in our minds and bodies.  When we can take a more loving stance – even by just a small margin – we can change our view of reality, and that allows our experiences to change.


We Are All Part of the Greater Whole

Transcending, at its essence, asks us to believe that we are all part of a greater whole.  In the especially challenging year of 2020, there were countless examples of people coming together to do the right things for others and our world.

By seeing ourselves as a part of a whole – whether that be as part of our local community or part of the larger world – we evolve beyond our differences and return to a more “human” and “humane” way of living, working, and thriving.  One of the best ways to connect to the whole is through a short meditation practice.  Meditation can take many forms (sitting, walking, etc.), but it’s wonderful for quieting the mind and allowing us to get in touch with spirit.

Transcending also asks us to acknowledge that none of us find success alone.  We may work incredibly hard, but it is through our connections that we succeed.  This connection starts with tapping into our true selves through our intuition and then expanding by connecting to others who can support us and who we, in turn, can support.


Keep the Faith with Change

One of the most powerful things that transcending asks us to do is to keep the faith during times of change.  Transformation often occurs in chaos.  Falling apart always results in “falling together” in a new way.  Because humans are open systems made of energy, our energy is flexible and can adapt to change and transformation.

One of the most challenging yet rewarding parts of change is embracing the messiness of the process as we go through it.  None of us are perfect, and none of us can always know the outcome beforehand.  And wow, we really want to know that outcome because then we can feel safe and secure!  Transcending asks us instead to have faith and trust in a higher power.  Remember, change is a process, and it’s OK not to know all the answers or do things perfectly while you’re in-process.

Transcending asks us to believe: in ourselves, in others, and in powers we may not understand.  By tapping into your intuition and noticing synchronistic events, you can begin to trust yourself and the Universe more.  Taking time to recognize how your beliefs may be coloring your reality and causing you to experience an event can help you change your perspective and reality.  Remembering that we are all part of the greater whole is key to having faith in the connection you have to the larger world.  Finally, by having faith in the process of change – and the messiness that sometimes comes with it – you can remember that there are powers higher than yourself working on your behalf.