How to let the 4 P’s of Purpose Guide Your Life

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How often have you been told to live your purpose only to look in the mirror and say, “I don’t know what my purpose is?”

We inadvertently hold ourselves back by searching for purpose when clues have often been right in front of us the whole time.  The 4 P’s of purpose are often present in our lives because we’re living them each day without consciously realizing it.

By allowing passion, persistence, pivot, and payoff to guide our actions, we find purpose.  Our purpose can be found in a variety of ways, but it will always result in feelings.  When we tap into those feelings, we can live in alignment with our soul and allow that alignment to ultimately reward us and others.



We know when we’re passionate about something because we feel it.  We may not be able to explain why we’re excited and fired up about it, but we do.  We pursue this new idea or project with the excitement of a five-year-old tearing into gifts on Christmas morning!

Feeling passionate about something is one of the first clues that we’re living in alignment with our purpose.  It doesn’t matter if this new thing allows us to support ourselves or produces anything beyond warm fuzzies; we love it and want to follow it with all our hearts.

When you think about living your purpose, think about what you’re passionate about.  What lights you up?  What are you obsessed about?  How can you make time for more of this passion each day?



Another great indicator that you’re living your purpose (or at least trying to) is by showing up regularly for something that requires “joyous persistence.”  Notice I said joyous, not just persistence.  You can be persistent in completing a task you dislike, and it’ll feel like drudgery.

Being persistent with purpose will make you feel fulfilled and satisfied.  When we struggle for deeply meaningful things, we feel deeply meaningful rewards.

Where are you showing persistence in the face of adversity?  Where are you working hard to accomplish something that is tough right now but promises big rewards in the future?



If we’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that being flexible, nimble, and creative are key to thriving in our ever-changing world.  To pivot is to willingly face change and develop new ways to think about your passionate idea or project.  You must zig instead of zag, and sometimes that looks and feels really messy!

Being excited about and open to change are clues that you’re pursuing your purpose, even if you can’t see exactly where you’re going.  Pivoting instead of quitting may help you not only keep your passion alive but will also help you learn new skills, develop new contacts, and discover new passions.

How have you pivoted in your work life over the past year?  What changes have you made in your personal life to keep showing up with passion and persistence?



When you have a life of purpose, your payoff isn’t monetary (although it can be), it’s spiritual.  I don’t mean that to sound too woo-woo, but what you receive from life rewards you on several levels.

Living your purpose gives you unshakable confidence in who you are.  It allows you to be a role model for others, simply by being yourself.  Regardless of your purpose, you know in your heart that you’re showing up as your most powerfully authentic self, and that’s something that can never be taken away.

The payoff for living your purpose is a life of inner joy regardless of circumstances.  What has the payoff been for living your purpose over the last six months?  What have the emotional benefits been of living a life of alignment and authenticity?


By allowing passion, persistence, pivot, and payoff to guide the way, you can live with purpose every single day.  Passion clues you in to what you love and what lights you up.  Persistence keeps you coming back, even when the going gets tough and you’re tempted to give up.  Pivoting allows you to make changes and learn new things, all while still honoring your inner calling.  The payoff is getting to live a life of joy and satisfaction, all while serving as an example to others.