Solitude in a busy world

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Do you ever feel like you’re judged for wanting “alone time?”  As if saying no to outside activities makes you selfish and you should feel guilty for taking time for yourself?  If that’s the case, consider the following perspective on the benefits of a little solitude.


Solitude is healing

The need for solitude is usually a message that you need to step away in order to regenerate.  Introverts and Highly Sensitive People need a lot of solitude but even the most gregarious of extroverts needs some alone time every now and then.  Needing solitude is a sign that you need to look within to heal, even if only for a few minutes each day.


Solitude helps you be better – for yourself and others

Being alone allows you to hit the reset button.  It replenishes mental, emotional, and physical energy and by doing that you can approach others, and the world, with a new outlook and attitude.  Instead of feeling guilty, selfish, or as if you’ve let others down by not constantly being involved, recognize that alone time allows you to maintain your best self so you can be at your best – which benefits you and others.


Solitude allows you to learn and grow

Turning off the background noise in our connected world allows you to begin to develop clarity around your wants and needs, without those thoughts being influenced and filtered by others.  Through this time, you’ll learn to hear your own inner voice and truly listen to the messages it has for you.  Being alone helps you recognize and honor that voice as it guides you to where you most need to learn and grow.


Taking time for solitude isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.  Taking time to listen to your own heart is an act of self kindness that benefits you and others.  So take time today (or this week) to find a few minutes to spend alone, and listen in to what you mind, body, and spirit have to tell you.