Find more contentment

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How many times do we get to the end of a busy day and feel as though no matter how fast we go, what we do, or how much we accomplish, we’ll never be content.  It’s as if we believe that all our pushing ahead and relentless “going” and “doing” will transport us to a magical land called “Someday” where we’ll finally get it “Right” and achieve that ever elusive feeling.


This is all, sadly, a lie we tell ourselves.


Being content isn’t the same as being happy, it’s about being satisfied: satisfied with what you have, satisfied with who you are, satisfied with the present moment.  I feel most satisfied when I’m “in the flow of things.”  I may be lost in thought and energized by a work project, taking a mini-break by reading a good book, or writing in my journal.  Feeling content allows me to focus on where I am in the present moment, not on where I should be, what I should have, or what I should be doing.


By taking time to notice when you’re satisfied, and “experiencing contentment” you’ll begin to understand that this feeling isn’t something that’s saved for “someday”, it’s something you can experience every day.  You’ll understand it’s already woven into your life in many ways, all you have to do to access it is to look inward and feel.


Make a list as you go through your day of three to five times when you felt content.  Think about what you were doing / being and why you had that feeling of sublime satisfaction.  Then think about how you can integrate a little more awareness around this feeling of contentment each day.