Honor your creativity without questioning

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As a creative person, I usually have way too many ideas running around in my head.  And sometimes I really want to tell The Muse to talk to the hand because I have more than I can handle and can’t listen anymore.  Wanting to ignore the creative messages I receive is tempting but I don’t do it and here’s why:

  1. If I tell The Muse to go away, I instantly close myself off from ideas that may help me grow and learn, both personally and professionally.
  2. Acknowledging an idea costs me next to nothing. I’m not being asked to plan and execute the idea but instead to simply acknowledge it.  Breaking the chain of “I must think then do” has given me peace and freed me from guilt if I don’t follow through on my ideas.
  3. If I tell The Muse to go away, I fear her marvelous voice of inspiration will never return when I really need it. It’s an irrational fear I know but one that still haunts the corners of my mind.


Creative ideas aren’t something that can be turned on and off like a faucet, they’re a gentle stream always flowing in the background.  By simply noting down my brainflashes and then tucking them away, without trying to “figure them out” I honor them.


So the next time you’re faced with creative overwhelm, take the one to two minutes to jot down all your ideas, then set them aside without questioning.  If you’re meant to do something with them you will, if not, you’ve done your part by thanking The Muse and staying open to possibility in the future.