How do you give back?

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Creating abundance in the form of connections and goodwill with others – whether you know them personally or not – can be as easy as recognizing how you “give back”.  Many times we think that if we can’t give a certain amount – a certain amount of time, money, or things – that we shouldn’t even bother.  Many times we think small gestures don’t matter so why bother doing them.  I choose to flip that notion on its head and instead look at giving back this way:


One simple action can change someone’s day, it can even change their life


Good deeds are cumulative.  It doesn’t matter how much you give, it just matters that you give.  It all adds up.  Grand gestures are great but it’s the little things that sometimes make all the difference.  Giving back isn’t about have a lot of time, money, or things to donate; it can be as simple as offering an encouraging word, a helping hand, donating a single can of food, or one dollar in the grocery check-out line.


Giving back is about finding ways to be part of a greater solution, in whatever ways you can, each and every day.


So with this in mind, take time today to notice how your words and actions “give back” and create abundance for yourself and others.  Where are you encouraging others?  How are you helping in small ways?  How are you part of a greater solution?