Abundance is not about keeping score

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Living and feeling as though you are in a state of abundance requires nothing more than shifting your mindset to a place of being.  So often we convince ourselves (and society tries to convince us too) that to be truly abundant we must have lots of “something”: a bigger house, more possessions, a certain amount of money.  And while there’s nothing wrong with those things, we can end up comparing ourselves unhealthily to others and then judging ourselves harshly when we don’t “measure up.”


So before you head down the road of comparing, remember the following about abundance:

  • Abundance is not about money or things, it’s about feelings
  • Feelings of abundance stem from rewarding experiences
  • Rewarding experiences arise from allowing ourselves to honor who we are
  • Honoring who we are is done through listening and responding with kindness to ourselves and others


Abundance is a state of being.  It isn’t gained through money, or things, or status, or comparing, but through knowing who we are and choosing to live in an authentic way.


So take some time today and use the following tips to think about how you’re living abundantly as your true self and how those choices are helping not only you but others.

  1. What choices are you making that allow you to feel abundant in all areas of your life?
  2. What one new choice could you make that would help you feel more authentic?
  3. How does the way you live support others?
  4. What other ways can you live and work in order to best honor yourself and end up feeling energized, satisfied, and fulfilled?
  5. How can you use the concept of abundance as a state of being to make better decisions with your resources (time, energy, money, attention, etc.)?