What are you putting off for someday?

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How many times have we all heard stories about people putting off doing something or living a certain way for “someday,” that day when all the planets and stars align and everything turns all Goldie Locks and is “just right?”  And how many times do many of those people never get to live that “someday” life or do those “someday” things because by the time “someday” arrives they’re either in poor health or worse, have passed away?


While it usually isn’t possible to drop everything and overhaul your life into that “someday” image immediately, it is possible to start shifting your perspective on why you can’t start living a little bit of that “someday” life today.


Some of the reasons people put things off for “someday” are:

  1. They view “someday” as an all or nothing situation.
  2. They can’t figure out how to integrate small parts of their image of “someday” into their current everyday lives.
  3. They focus on things (beaches, houses, locations) instead of focusing on feelings.


And that last reason is the key to start creating your “someday” life today; if you focus on feelings, location becomes irrelevant.


People dream of “someday” because of how it will make them feel: the beautiful views, the relaxed atmosphere, the sense of being away from the hurry of everyday life.  And though the scenery in your everyday life may not be quite have the view you’ve envisioned, you can start living “someday” today by doing the following:


  1. Write down something you are putting off for “someday”
  2. Think about what you’re doing / how you’re living in your “someday” scenario and write down how that “doing” and “living” will make you feel.
  3. Come up with three ways you can bring more of those feelings into your life starting tomorrow.

See how taking time to shift your focus from location and things to feelings and sensations can help you start to live a little bit of your “someday” life today.