Why You Should Start Trusting Your Instincts

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Do you trust your instincts or do you ignore them, rationalize them away, or sometimes sense them but only act on them when they truly make sense?

Trust your instincts is a pearl of wisdom for a reason. And that reason is because your instincts are usually right. Long ago, instincts kept us safe and even though nowadays we’re in situations that are safe, we may still have flighty feelings. But instead of listening to our instincts, we rationalize them away, judge ourselves as bad for not wanting to do what everyone else is doing, and fear the judgment of others if we reveal that we’d rather just not go along with the crowd.

But what would happen if we started listening to our instincts instead of telling them oh so kindly to talk to the hand?

We Would Get to Know Ourselves Better
By following our instincts, or at least strongly considering what they’re trying to tell us before brushing them away, we would get to know ourselves better. Instead of wondering why we’re feeling irritable, annoyed, or unenthusiastic, we’d be able to take the time to process why we instinctually want to respond one way but force ourselves to respond differently. Instincts we feel in our mind, body, and spirit are there to protect us and help us carry out our highest mission. How much better would you feel if instead of fighting your instincts you used them as a way to understand how to make healthier choices and to get to know yourself better?

We Would “Feel” More Before We Act
Instincts are messages that manifest themselves in our bodies and minds. They force us to literally feel things we may not want to feel. Anger, fear, resistance, excitement, inner knowing, these are all very real and valid feelings. By allowing yourself to feel your feelings instead of rushing to a decision and brushing your feelings away, you can break bad habits, set better boundaries with yourself and others, and tune into a life that’s more in line with what you truly value.

We Would Be Supportive of Ourselves and Our Path
Owning our feelings and staying in touch with our instincts ultimately allows us to be our own greatest support system. While we can’t operate in a bubble and totally disregard others, we can learn how to tune into our own needs and honor them as well as being present and honoring others. Trusting our instincts is one way to start forging our own path of learning and personal discovery, all while being able to find confidence in ourselves even when others don’t understand this path.

We Would Be Able to Refine Our Tribe
Facing judgment from ourselves and others are often reasons people don’t trust their instincts. Going against the grain can be hard. Very hard. Coming to terms with possible rejection can be painful. Trusting our instincts allows us to step away from people say they care, but for whatever reason, we can’t actually feel that care any longer. With those people gone, we now have space to welcome in new people who “get” us and want us to succeed.

Learning to trust your instincts and act on them with confidence takes time and practice. It doesn’t mean you get to do everything you want nor is it a license to treat others poorly. It does mean that by getting in touch with your first feeling or first thought, you get to know yourself better, grow more comfortable with your feelings, gain confidence and attract people into your tribe that genuinely want to see you be happy, healthy, and successful.